• From the Publisher: 

    SyncNotes helps you keep you important snippets of information at your fingertips, always.  SyncNotes is a system that allows you to easily store, retrieve and even communicate small pieces of textual information. The SyncNotes System consists of a desktop software that allows you to put up virtual sticky notes on your screen, a web based system that synchronizes all notes from your PC(s) and a WAP based interface for viewing and adding notes when you are on the go.”

    My Take:  SyncNotes lets you keep small notes on desktop, web, mobile phone, and PDA.  I can see SyncNotes working well for people who keep little pieces of information (grocery lists, driving direction, etc).  The best part about the system is the mobile access.  No more writing down long direction or having my car littered with piece of paper.  Just copy and paste it in a note and sync it with SyncNotes.  SyncNote is on something, but it is too simple for me.  I want EverNote to do something similer or perhaps even OneNote?

    Note: A reader was kind enough to point out Sync Notes does not support Palm OS.

  • EverNote 25.09.2006 1 Comment

    Evernote 1.5 has been in beta for a while and is officially being released today. Just like before, the standard Windows version is free and the plus version is $39.95. The Plus version has all the features as the standard as well as file synchronization and “advanced digital ink” features.

    New Features:

    1. “Synchronization: EverNote 1.5 software allows users to synchronize notes between a PC and a USB drive or other removable media or between multiple PCs via USB drives.
    2. New Clipping Capabilities: Clipping from Microsoft Outlook is now as simple as clicking on the “Add to EverNote” button.
    3. Links to Notes: Notes and categories can be placed into outside applications or onto the desktop, enabling links to notes from any other resource or program.
    4. Sending Notes via IM: Notes can be dragged into Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype and other popular IM clients to instantly transfer interesting bits of info via IM.
    5. Expanded Password Protection: EverNote 1.5 software comes with new security features and allows for password protection of entire notes databases.
    6. Multiple Databases in Separate Windows: The new version allows opening multiple databases in separate windows.
    7. New Export Formats: The new version of EverNote software provides the easy ability to export notes into TXT & HTML files.”—Source: Evernote

    We will have a review coming soon.

    Update: Evernote’s webpage has no note of the product release, which makes me think the product was pushed back.

  • Mac Apps 24.09.2006 No Comments

    My Dream App is a contest where people submitted their ideas, judges comment, users vote, and the last three standing get a contract to develop it as shareware.
    iGTD by Jeff Greenberg took in the most votes…

    iPod. Tivo. Macintosh. All consumer “cults”. If you own one of these, you know – you ‘get it’ or you don’t. And you can’t imagine life without it. Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen is a productivity system that garners the same respect. And what I’m proposing is a tight GTD application. Everything is about what is the Next Action. The projects for Actions (and the context of where) A “Collection Basket” to input “Next Actions” A sorting screen. Projects Do, Delegate (with automated tickler lists), Defer, and long term lists. Templates for common types of projects A system wide hotkey input (or dashboard widget) Integration with ical (especially alarms) address book Integration with palm, ipod Sync to a list on .mac, viewable on the web.

    Check out the other apps too…

  • Site News 22.09.2006 No Comments

    I have tried using blogging tools many times and have always gone back to the default wordpress interface. I am hoping Live Writer is better. I still don’t see an option for tags or categories. I guess some things you just have to do yourself.

  • Site News 22.09.2006 4 Comments

    Yesterday, I found out some news about a note-taking program.  I am so tempted to write about it (its rare for me to have a scoop).  But, as part of the agreement of finding it out, I am not allowed to talk about it…until Monday.  So stay tuned.

  • Writely 21.09.2006 No Comments

    Writely will now be using Google Accounts for sign-in. If you signed up for Writely using the older method, your log-in e-mail will be converted to a Google Account. It will happen automatically and you won’t notice a difference. Simple log on like you always do.

    If you had a previous Writely account and a Google Account that is different, then you have an option to your Writely documents to your Google Account. Log in with your Google Account and there is an option to import documents and settings from the older Writely registration.

    I had to move my documents and it was really simple. I am glad Google/Writely thought about people having two different log-ins and gave such an easy way to migrate.

  • Gaelen from Mindjet was kind enough to send me a link to a post about Mind Mapping. The post has turned into a nice debate in the comments section(46 and counting) Check it out here.

  • I found a great “deal” on a Wacom Graphire4, but I’m not sure what to do with it…

    • OneNote 2007 doesn’t treat it like Ink unless you use Vista.
    • I removed Vista last month because it was on my highest end workstation. I could reload it on a lesser PC, but am not motivated to. The 6 billion prompts for everything, plus IE7 with all the Live crapware, really turned me off.
    • I have no artistic abilities. Straight math and science. Can’t even draw stick figures.
    • Came with Evernote, could try that again. They are out of their silence mode and actively releasing again which is a good sign.
    • MindManager = Need Vista. Didn’t try MM on Vista when I had it loaded.
    • Research… I need to see what opportunites exist, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. A huge project at work just ended, so time to refocus on my toys!
    • Load Tablet PC on my StinkPad T40?

    Any ideas?

  • Site News 16.09.2006 4 Comments

    I have finally added an RSS link (top of the sidebar) for all the comments on this blog. I recommend all readers subscribe to it and stay connected with user comments.

  • Mind Mapping 14.09.2006 1 Comment

    Mindjet has allowed us to host a copy of the Windows Media Video sent out with the pre-release of the Word 2007 Add-in for MindManager…


    Check it out and see the awesome integration between the two products.

    Thanks Gaelen, Michael, and the rest of Mindjet for your continued support of Bloggers, innovative ideas, and remaining “transparent” 😉