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Latest News: Agilix GoBinder 2006 Released!

After months of testing, Agilix has finaly released GoBinder 2006 into the wild.  We will review it as soon as we can.  Can’t wait for our review and want to test drive it yourself?  Download the trial here. New Features: Ink Enhancements Calender, Tasts, Contact List Enchancements New Course/Project Tab Note Tabs and Note Enchancements […]

GoBinder 2006 Beta… Review Cancelled

I was starting a review of GoBinder 2006 Beta, since I like the tasks/calendar functions. It was going fairly well, besides being a memory hog and “jumpy” at times. Then I wrote three pages of important meeting minutes during a “Training/Overview” session with a vendor. The next morning I went to review it and it […]

GoBinder 2006 Beta

GoBinder 2006 has been a freepublic beta for a while. In case you missed it, here is the link. GoBinder is a note-taking/organizing application similar to OneNote. I will review it as soon as i get a chance to. Link: GoBinder 2006 Public Beta

Price cut on GoBinder 2005!

Agilix GoBinder is a note taking/orgazing programs very similar to OneNote. It is very popular and used by many students and profesionals. For the new year, Agilix has dropped the standard and education pricing. $20 for education, instead of $50. $40 for standard, instead of $100. Use the coupon code “GB60JAN06″ to get the discount. […]