Zoho NoteBook … A decent OneNote competitor?

Zoho just announced Zoho NoteBook and posted a video on YouTube. According to TechCrunch it won’t be available until March.

From what I can see, it’s awesome… Finally a real competitor to OneNote! It has many of the same core features, plus some new ones.

The key items I want to check out first…

  • FireFox “Send To” plugin. (Official, not a user created PowerToy so hopefully more options for pages/notebooks)
  • Embedded Files. (Rajuv mentions Zoho files and audio/video. Hopefully more are supported.)
  • Drawing Tools (Looks like you can add labels, plus easy to move around.)
  • Section Sharing (Share just a box on the page)
  • Real-Time Collaboration.
  • Note shown in the video, but of extreme interest to me are… Block Formatting (Borders and/or stationary-like design elements), Save As and Publish features, Send To and Blog This features, Tags, and Search.

Found via TechCrunch

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