GTDGmail FireFox Extension Available

GTDGmail v1.11 has been publicly released.

Easily Organise GTD Labels
Labels are now structured into Contexts, Status, Projects and References; making it easier to read and use.
Labels can be applied much more rapidly than in standard Gmail.
Quickly Review Outstanding Tasks
Quickly review outstanding GTD tasks that are over a few days old.
Save Specialised Searches
Searches can be created and saved that enable precise queries over your GTD tasks.
Send Myself Tasks and References
You can quickly compose Tasks and References and send them to your Inbox.
Print Tasks to Cards
Select, sort and print tasks in 3×5 inch format so you can easily carry them.
Extra useful if you use the Hipster PDA!

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  • ken

    I find the extension is CPU consuming,almost 100%.
    I don't why.

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