• I was using Bloglines’ Clippings feature to save interesting blog entries by others, but reviewing them was not as convenient as I had hoped, so I switched to NewsGator to get them in Outlook. This was better, but lacked the ability to reduce them to just the tidbits that I wanted. So I started utilizing the Outlook2OneNote PowerToy to improve the process and this is what I ended up with…

    • Created a few Outlook folders for different subjects and added to Favorites.
    • When reading blog entries, either move to a folder or delete them.
    • Created a “Blogs To Process” folder in OneNote with Sections matching the Outlook Folders.
    • Use the Outlook2OneNote PowerToy to move them into a matching OneNote Section.
    • Reduce the text block in OneNote to just the essentials I want.
    • Either copy the whole page or just the text block to another Folder/Section.

    I’m an information pack-rat and love to be able to pull up ideas, concepts, and tidbits about a subject to create the best overall solution/design. This process allows me to get to the core message on other’s posts and create a great brainstorming/leads list. Plus it still has the links to the original in case I need to review the full post.

    Although this process can be done utilizing some of the other Browser or RSS PowerToys, moving them to the folder doesn’t interrupt my blog reading. I like the ability to save up the entries in the Outlook folder and bulk process them using Select All, instead of sending each one individually.

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