How to Install OneNote on Mac or OS X

Lately, we have been getting Google queries for “OneNote Mac”, “OneNote for Mac”, etc. Sadly there is no version of OneNote for Mac. Microsoft does release Office for Macintosh. The last version of Office Mac was called Office 2004. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage (Mac version of Outlook), and Virtual PC (available only with Office 2004 Professional).

Here are the options I see available for Mac users:

  1. Install a note-taking program that works on Mac (Jarnal, Curio, etc).
  2. Use Virtual PC. Virtual PC lets you install Windows XP on a Mac. It lets you install and run practically any program available on Windows XP. For this you will need Virtual PC, Windows XP, and OneNote.
  3. Wait for the next version of Office for Mac and hope it includes OneNote.

In the meantime, I am going to contact Office for Mac developers and ask what they are planning for the next version.

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  • Nicole_fromOneNote

    OneNote for Mac is finally here! You can get it for free in the Mac App store or at

  • Chemica

    I will wait for OneNote for mac ^^

  • carkey

    well that works but i don't want to pay $200

  • chaly

    Yes, anybody comments about Bento 2?

  • jl

    One good alternative to OneNote is EverNote. It's a OneNote clone, crossplatform (runs on OSx and Windoze). It even have a iphone apps. I don't remember if we could import OneNote things in it without loosing formatting, but certainly you could run booth on windoze to copie much of the stock and move on.

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