• CutePDF 27.02.2006

    Office 207 has PDF support, letting users save files in PDF. But what if you want to save Office files in PDF now. Or, better yet, save any type of file in PDF (OneNote, Journal, Internet Explorer, etc). You can and it is free!

    All you need to do is install a virtual pdf printer on your computer. A virtual printer acts like a real printer but it is all software. It shows up under “Printers and Faxes”, has page properties, etc. If you can print something, you can make it into a PDF file.

    There are a number of virtual pdf printers. My favorite is CutePDF Writer and best of all, it is free. Getting PDF support is a two step process.

    1. Download and install the Free Converter (converts the data in your application).
    2. Download and install CutePDF Writer (creates the actual PDF file).

    When you want to create a PDF file, go to “File“, “Print“, select the “CutePDF Writer” from the list of printers, and click “Print“. That’s it! CutePDF automatically acts you to name the file and where to save it.  Below is an example from my computer.  I am saving my recitation notes from my Digital Signal Processing class to PDF so I can share with my friends.




    save as.JPG

    How the PDF looks like…


    CutePDF is a very easy way to share files and collaborate when everyone in the group does not own the program.  This is especially true for OneNote and Windows Journal.  Later on this week, I wil write about how I use CutePDF to share my OneNote and Windows Jounal files.

    CutePDF Link

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    • CutePDF is a great program.

      You can also install OpenOffice.org on your computer, open your .doc file, .xls file, any Microsoft file, or most other files, and use OpenOffice.org’s “Print to PDF” button.

    • Thank you so much for your kind assistance of letting us copy your pdf writer. Now I can download and save any document in pdf format for better perusal.

    • Today I down loaded the Cute PDF programme, installed on my laptop having windows7 and this tiny programme worked as good as no other software I found. It is incredible. Thanks a lot, thanks a lot, and again thanks a lot. Laiq Ahmad Khan

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